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Rivermont Records was founded in 2004 to preserve and promote ragtime, jazz, and "hot dance" music. We believe that the music we feature is timeless and that it is best served by respecting the pioneers who created it a century ago while supporting today's musicians who continue to perform and innovate within its realm.

Rivermont is unique in offering a diverse catalogue that features both reissues of vintage recordings as well as freshly-recorded discs by some of today's most talented ragtime and jazz musicians. If your collecting or listening interests tend to steer you primarily towards reissues of early recordings, why not try a CD or two from our series of contemporary recordings? We think you'll be pleasantly surprised by the current generation of performers, and your support will help to ensure a bright future for ragtime, jazz, and hot dance music in the twenty-first century. When a music is no longer performed, it is dead.

All Rivermont CDs are packaged with informative and entertaining booklets written by noted musicologists, historians, and the artists themselves. We hope that you will enjoy learning about the music as much as you enjoy listening to it. Our booklets are supplemented with rare photographs, sheet music covers, and in the case of our reissue series, complete discographical information for collectors.

If you would like to be informed when new releases are available, please contact us using the button at left and ask to be added to our e-mail list. Thank you for your interest in Rivermont Records!