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Unsolicited testimonials from Rivermont customers:

  • I received my order, and HOW!  I have never seen such careful packing before. Beautifully done. You performed beyond the call of duty. –– Coy in Texas
  • I'm impressed with the transfers on all of your cds. Surface noise has been removed ONLY to the point where necessary. All of the music can still be heard. This results in a near perfect listening experience. Far too often sound engineers remove so much of the 'noise' that the result sounds dead. You have found that rare happy medium. - The music is intact and alive, leaving just a whisper of surface noise to remind us that we are listening to the distant past. I've been an avid collector of 78s for over 40 years; seldom have I been as pleased as I am with Rivermont products. –– Bill Marshall, Newfoundland, Canada
  • I write simply to thank you for your commitment of time and money to found and maintain your recording label, the only label going today that supports the young (and old) musicians of ragtime & early jazz with consistent high quality production and promotion. I think you know how much it means to all of us, but it doesn't hurt to be reminded!!!! –– Max in Minnesota